Smart Multi-Channel Power Meters

MeterTrac MVC230-600 Analyser



"Accurate power quality analysis in "real time"....anywhere.
User friendly dashboards are easy to use and can be understood by engineers, business managers and company executives alike

Drill down into data using a web connection to open the meter dashboard from almost anywhere


Benefit from over 64,000 measurements, calculations and analytic algorithms performed over every 5 minute period


Engineered for rapid "real-time" analytical information that can help save thousands of dollars in operating and maintenance costs


Standard MeterTrac power monitoring systems sample over 50 power parameters every 500 milliseconds

Get timely and accurate consumption and demand data necessary to

gain the upper hand on electrical costs

Power alarms and alerts emailed or text straight to you

"Live electrical data can just be a few mouse clicks away!"

"Cloud-enabled" Instruments for Precise Energy Management


MeterTrac constantly streams the results of over 64,000 measurements, calculations and analytic algorithms automatically updated at 5 minute intervals.

All MeterTrac users need to do is to simply open up an interactive dynamic dashboard to view the live data on the web, almost anywhere.

MeterTrac captures kWh/kW energy and demand data on three-phase or single-phase circuit installations.


Data updates occur every 0.5 second with accuracy better than 1% (depending on CT used).


Flexibility, size, and ease-of-use make them ideal tools for gathering detailed consumption information in commercial, industrial, government, and retail environments.

MeterTrac MVC230-600 in the PowerScout format makes over 50  total

electrical measurements which are derived from the voltage and current inputs. Electrical load diagnostic parameters such as power factor (both Apparent and Displacement) and line frequency are captured in addition to energy and demand values.

MeterTrac MVC230-600 series uses integrated industry standard power meters with direct with direct connection to each phase of the voltage.


Fool-Proof Installation


MeterTrac MVC230-600 can accommodate service voltages ranging

from 80-600V (phase to phase).


Simple installation is accomplished by connecting the colour coded

voltage leads and clearly labelled CTs.


Patented PhaseChek circuitry includes a 3 LED indicator display that

confirms proper CT-to-phase installation. The meter automatically adjusts

for CT orientation reducing set-up time and installation errors.


Multi-Circuit or Branch Circuit Monitoring 


The MeterTrac MVC230-600 is a versatile CT instrument.


It is supplied with two sets of clamp-on CTs covering a range from 1 - 1000 amps.


Internally-shunted split-core CTs and Rogowski CTs are available as add-on accessories.


MVC230-600 works in measuring locations with good mobile telephone reception. For areas where mobile telephone communications signals cannot be established we can offer cost effective satellite communication options.


Real-time Power Diagnostics


The cloud-based MeterTrac utility system allows you to easily check

the connected CTs and readings.


MeterTrac is the quick and easy way to:

    -Verify meter installation

    -Check real time values before leaving the job site

    -Read real-time streaming load and consumption data


"Plug and Play" Communication

The MeterTrac MVC230-600 can monitor single-phase or three-phase loads.


A continuous data communications interface to the power meter is 

automatically made through the MVC230- 600 Communicator when

it is plugged in.


MVC230-600 uses Modbus protocol for sending commands and retrieving

data in real-time using proprietary back-haul data systems  to secure

off-site servers where streaming real-time data is processed and archived.


The MeterTrac proprietary "Active Data" cloud utility allows users to easily view and compare all stored data using a cloud-served MeterTrac interactive visual data displays to check and compare meter readings from anywhere at any time using the web for access .



MeterTrac MVC230-600V provides breakthrough technology in data storage and crunching power which can transform mountains of energy data into a meaningful visual presentations and send out alarm in milliseconds. 

This new approach to instantaneous visual power tracking and predictive maintenance can help save your business time and money

here's how...

real-time information
●  No more wasted time visiting sites to recover data loggers

●  No more endless spreadsheet calculations

●  No more lost time trying to interpret power data

●  See what really matters ….almost instantly

●  Take action in minutes or hours….not days, weeks or months

automatic alarms/alerts
●  Slash maintenance costs

●  Save wasted travel time and costs

●  Use “real time power information” to improve operating costs

●  Extend plant and equipment life

●  Reduce operating and capital expenditure



  • Circuit sub-metering

  • Phase load balancing

  • Load demand profiling

  • Plant and equipment investigations

  • Checking HVAC plant operations

  • Industrial

MVC230-600 is the ideal instrument for measuring operating  energy efficiency of major plant and equipment items





Various interchangeable current transformer options are available such as split-core CTs or flexible Rogowski coils (for large loads or large cables and buss-bars) to monitor currents on each phase.

examples of available CTs...

150amp Split-Core 
1000amp Split-Core
Mini-Hinged Ct
Flexible Rogowski CT

MeterTrac® MVC230-600 uses interchangeable CT options such as split-core or flexible Rogowski coil current transformers

Embedded Rogowski coil CT amplifier/integrator circuitry  is  built- in to the meter so there is no need to provide external power to the CTs.

All CTs are internally shunted for intrinsically safe operation on energised conductors.


Special high-accuracy CTs are available for existing CT secondary monitoring.

Can't find what your looking for?


Don't worry, we can also build speciality items to suit your businesses needs.


Circuit Board for special build order of MVC230- 600 configured for cloud measurement of 6 three phase circuits