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Smart Power Quality Meter


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Ordering Codes

Metertrac gems3512

gems3512 - CT Type - W

CT Type =  AT;100mA CT (secondary output)

                   VT;333mV CT (secondary output)

                   RT;Rogowski coil

W = WiFi (optional extra)

Metertrac gems3500

gems3500 - Channel - CT Type

Channel = 18, 27*, 36*, 45*, 54*

  * channels are special builds with a minimum 12-week delivery

CT Type =  AT;100mA CT (secondary output)

                   VT;333mV CT (secondary output)

                   RT;Rogowski coil

Metertrac gems7000

gems7000 - CT Type - Module

CT Type =  5T; Built in CT

                   AT;100mA CT (secondary output)

                   VT;333mV CT (secondary output)

                   RT;Rogowski coil

Module  =  A; Ethernet Module

                   B; DIO Module

                   C; Temperature Module

Metertrac gems5200/5500

gems5200/5500 - Voltage - CT Type- Current Range

Voltage = LV; Low Voltage, 690V or less

                 HV; High Voltage, PT secondary side voltage is 100/110V 

CT Type = LINE; CT for measuring AC

               =INV; CT for measuring DC for inverter motor

Current Range; (LINE) = 6A, 30A, 60A, XA (100A~600A)

                             (INV) = 6A, XA (100A~600A)   

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