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Flood Light Control & Facility Monitoring Systems

Smart facility monitoring systems & remote 

floodlight control.


IllumiTrac™ is an Australian control and monitoring system designed specifically for sports fields, parks and other public places.

  • IllumiTrac™ can easily be added to existing installations to provide sophisticated control of floodlight sprinklers, pumps and irrigations systems.

  • Not just a controller - llumiTrac™ is cable of monitoring a variety of different sensors such as power and water usage and intruder sensors.

  • Field users are issued with unique PINs that enable them to control the lights directly.

  • Lights can be activated remotely by sending SMS text messages from mobile phones or locally through a numeric keypad.

  • Changes in schedules due to weather, time extensions and other unforeseen events are handled by the users themselves, requiring no facility administrator involvement

IllumiTrac™ Floodlight Control & Facility Monitoring System

SMS Control
Smart Security

Connect up to 8 different devices that can be remotely turned ON or OFF via a simple SMS text command. 

Automated SMS alarm notifications for system faults, intruder detection and excessive power and water usage. 

Improve Efficiency
Get connected

Reduce wastage with user-controlled lighting. No facility administration involvement required.    

Track operation and usage across all your venues. Connect more than 50 authorised users per installation.  




Remote control of floodlights, sprinklers, etc via SMS instruction messaging system
Control of up to 8 sensor inputs.
Remote access from any PC
Smart Security - Automated SMS and email alarm notifications for intruder detection & system failures. 
Automated report generation for usage and billing
Simple installation - easily integrated with existing systems
Supports more than 50 authorised user groups
No special software required
Additional sensor monitoring capabilities - power meter and water level monitoring capabilities.


Rugby Stadium
  • Sports Fields

Jogging in Park
  • Parks

Tennis Court
  • Tennis Courts

Empty Gym Hall
  • Community Halls

Golf Shot
  • Clubhouses

  • Public Toilets

Public Toilet Image.jpg

In addition to controlling lights and other devices, OzGreen Energy llumiTrac™ is able to monitor a variety of different sensors; 


  • Connect to electricity and water meters to collect usage information

  • Monitor tank levels

  • Monitor and control pumps

  • Control Irrigation

  • Intruder sensors 


Automatically receive SMS alarms notifications on system faults, tank levels, leaks, intruders, and excess water or power usage


Wiring Diagram

IllumiTrac™ can be easily integrated with existing systems, simply retrofit inside switchboards. Connect, control and monitor a combination up to 8 different sensors or devices.   

IllumiTrac Circuit Diagram_edited.png