About Us

Want to save money and reduce your business's carbon footprint at the same time?

"At MeterTrac we make real-time remote measurement and verification of energy quick, easy and affordable for everyone"

At MeterTrac we provide our customers with the ability to visually monitor all energy consumption and wastage across their entire business making smart energy management easy.  

Using wireless communication  through cloud we can deliver energy efficiency solutions unmatched for simplicity and cost.

We specialise in wireless meter and sensor retrofits in buildings, factories and on industrial sites.

We manufacture OEM power meters and wireless network products, and we have  built an entire cloud-based big data predictive engine from the ground up. We have a network of technical expertise in Brisbane, Sydney, Singapore, Taiwan, Israel, Germany, and USA

Working co-operatively with global strategic alliance partners with strong engineering and I.T. skills allows us to be confident of being able to solve most measurement and verification issues cost effectively.

Our clients include companies of all sizes from members of the top 500 companies in Australia to sole operator businesses. Our projects range widely across industry and commerce - everything from residential and office buildings to factories and industrial facilities - we have them all connected to MeterTracTM real-time meter reading systems and interactive data portals via the cloud.

Remote monitoring of utility meters is information vital to utility decision-making, for improving building operating efficiency, and for lowering operating plant operating costs. If you can't work out what's been left switched on when is shouldn't be  - you will be losing money.

MeterTrac delivers vital energy information directly to you over the cloud in minutes. 

MeterTrac systems automatically analyse consumption and demand data from multiple sources in real-time to provide "easy to use" and "easy to understand" management reports and data tools.

Because we do it all ...

from building instruments, designing wireless networks, developing the data systems, and working with high speed data engines we know what will work and what will not. 

"We know how to turn hidden data into high value utility and operational savings for all of our clients"

Going Wireless

We designed our MeterTrac power meters and transducers to help our customers get information that power utilities don't want them to have.

At MeterTtrac we are technology agnostic when it comes to wireless hardware platforms meaning that we access the very best technology

the world has to offer. We have built strong and proven wireless

networks which carry power, water, and gas data fast and trouble free.

Working in association with our alliance partners we have developed a range of robust and affordable wireless solutions.The rapid advance of battery technology means that with the right design just about any data can be moved anywhere fast and cost-effectively.

When our MeterTrac systems are deployed our customers will get to see for the first time the true picture of power consumption across their entire business in real-time. 

Why we choose wireless; 

Remote Measurement
Alarm/Alert Remote Monitoring
Fast to Deploy
Convenient and Secure 
Cheaper and Tidier than Cables

"Our wireless power meters make getting information easy"

Users can quickly see just how much money they have lost from wasted utility expenses. For some of our customers with large numbers of individual sites across the country, this can amount to millions of dollars of saved expenses in two or three years. For all of our customers our MeterTrac system provides a much deeper understanding of what can be done now, and in the future, to reduce costs and improve operational profitability.

Every site and application is different and every wireless technology has it's strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what will work and what will not is what makes the difference.

Active Data

"we build live interactive data dashboards in days not months... and they work first time...  every time".

  • MeterTrac is a cloud-based adaptive, intelligent, near real-time reporting system second to none. 

  • User-friendly energy and water monitoring systems communicate by wireless (no wires or cables to retrofit) and the internet.

  • Remote monitoring of energy and water use, energy-saving knowlege  control over plant and equipment, and measurement of temperature, indoor air quality, water and gas consumption  can all be delivered to your laptop or PC in minutes .. almost anywhere.

  • MeterTrac® constantly streams the results of hundreds of thousands of measurements, calculations and analytic algorithms automatically updated at one minute intervals. 

  • All MeterTrac® users need to do is to simply open up an interactive dynamic dashboard to view the live data on the web from almost anywhere.

  • MeterTrac captures energy, water and gas consumption and demand data on three-phase or single-phase circuit installations. Data measurements occur every 0.5 second and calculated data is recorded stored for minute intervals. Wireless data transmission accuracy from site is 99.5%+ for electricity and water meters.

  • Flexibility, size, and ease-of-use make them ideal tools for gathering detailed consumption information in commercial, industrial, government, and retail environments.

  • Active Data manages interactive display of huge amounts of data involved in calculation real-time results derived from voltage and current inputs and electronic sensor inputs.

  • Electrical load diagnostic parameters are captured in addition to energy and all useful demand values.

  • purpose-built high-speed predictive data engines and servers  support wireless "plug and play" instruments and cloud -based interactive data dashboards

  • Transmitting and processing large amounts of time series data requires a unique set of knowledge and skills which we have. No two jobs are the same and all site requirements are different. We allow for this in all of or work .. we know about the issues that others do not.