MeterTrac gives 

power to control costs


MeterTrac allows you to make faster decisions relating to power expenditure – reducing the process to just minutes.

Our real-time cloud-based  applications can be used to get real information to answer questions such as:

  • Is our business as energy efficient as it can be?

  • What areas can be improved to reduce energy consumption and costs?

  • Is equipment running at optimum capabilities?

  • Does equipment require maintenance or upgrading?

  • When and where is the greatest wastage occurring?

MeterTrac-Cloud Monitoring & Data Systems

Instantly access to your power meter data
No special expertise required

A username and password is all you need to tap into your MeterTrac power meters for access to real-time information

A very user-friendly interface makes it easy to see real-time operations and get answers to common operational questions.

Freedom to Work Anywhere

Work on your tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop, to get the information you need wherever you are.

Online Control

Power information can be sent to building management systems, financial operations and to SCADA systems for real-time information input and control

Smart Multi-Channel Meters

Real-time precision energy monitoring systems. Generate visual analysis of energy flow and consumption 


Smart Power Quality Meter

Real-time power quality analysis and precise measurement with clear large touch key display screen

Motor-Fault & Diagnosis Protection System

Automatic motor diagnosis, motor protection, and energy management 


Full list of product accessories

Automatic Voltage Optimisers

Optimise electricity supply voltages to reduce energy consumption, wastage and cost 

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Floodlighting Control & Facility Monitoring System

How it Works

MeterTrac is a cloud-based power application that is very easy to use.

Step 1
step 2

Install "plug and play" MeterTrac power meters. Power meters are then connected on the cloud to MeterTrac's powerful data centres in Sydney.

With a MeterTrac password, you gain access to every one of your power meters from a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop using the web.

Step 3
Step 4

MeterTrac has many different ready-made reports and capabilities which automatically update. You just pick a meter, site  and date and everything is instantly presented for you.

You are now ready to become smart energy user! You can have as many business sites and power meter users as you specify, in as many states and/or country's you desire.


Free demonstration

Request a demonstration

Discover MeterTrac and embrace the future of smart power management in your business. See how you can make better and faster operational, expenditure and capital budget decisions, and radically improve the way you manage your power usage.

Request a demonstration of MeterTac to experience  what the power of the cloud can do for you to help reduce utility expenditure!


 OzGreen Energy (developers and owners of MeterTrac and WaterTrac cloud technology platforms)  were chosen as one of the "Top 10 Utility Service Provider for the APEC Region 2017"‘

Call us when you have a tough challenge to solve in a power metering environment – be it a factory, office building, or production process.

Our knowledge of wireless cloud-based power utility measurement and verification is second-to-none. It represents a decade of dedicated cloud power meter research, manufacturing  and real-life experience from "plug and play" cloud metering solutions in Australia, Asia, North America and Europe. We design, build, own and operate some of the smartest cloud-based utility cost-reduction systems, which we make globally accessible to our clients and partners.

We offer wireless products and solutions for accurate water and gas measurement and verification. Our world is cloud measurement and verification of utility services. So, whether you need to save money, reduce wastage, improve quality, measure efficiency improvements, or manage power supply - we can help.


Our knowledge, combined with our team's expertise and the power of our cloud technology, holds the key to unlocking the right solution for you.

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