Motor Fault Diagnosis & Protection Systems

MeterTrac gems5200



Motor fault diagnosis + Energy Management + Protection
Predictive diagnosis of electrical and mechanical faults (3-phase AC motor)
 Energy meter function (measuring parameters: V(L-N, L-L), A, Hz, PF, THD, Unbalance, Power(P,Q,S), Energy(P,Q,S), etc.)
Motor Protection Function
Measure leakage current of 1 channel
Support Panel Display Monitor (4.3"TFT LCD monitor) 
RS485 serial communication and Ethernet communication support
EN 60255-26: 2013, EN61010-1: 2010, EN61326-1: 2006
Compact size (94mm x 63mm x 100mm) for installation in
narrow MCC spaces 
Both DIN rail and wall mount available. 


Typical Wiring


Installation Examples



Ordering Codes

gems5200 - Voltage - CT Type- Current Range

Voltage = LV; Low Voltage, 690V or less

                 HV; High Voltage, PT secondary side voltage is 100/110V 

CT Type = LINE; CT for measuring AC

               =INV; CT for measuring DC for inverter motor

Current Range; (LINE) = 6A, 30A, 60A, XA (100A~600A)

                             (INV) = 6A, XA (100A~600A)   

Ordering Code Examples


CT Type: INV


CT List; Order CT according to model specifications 

CT Cable List 

HCT-P15-3; Power supply module for CT of INV model (Invertermotor)  

 gemsPDM 430-A5; Panel display monitor with 4.3" TFT LCD

 RS232 Cable; Use for RS232 communication with PC