Smart Multi-Channel Power Meters

MeterTrac gems3900



Measure and monitor multi-electric feeders by one unit
 Metering: phase voltage, line voltage, current frequency, power factor, Active/Reactive/Apparent power, Active/Reactive/Apparent Energy, etc.  
Up to 99 single phase or 49 3P3W or 33 3P4W feeders power monitoring
Flexible application for single phase/3phase4wire/ 3phase3wire power line
 Applied to 3-phase 4-wire/ 3-phase 3-wire with one model
 0.5/1.0 Class accuracy according to IEC62053-21/22
Sag/Swell function (min 0.5 cycle)
Total Harmonics distortion (THD)
Supports RS485 Serial and Ethernet Communication
1 Analog input terminal terminal for temperature measurement
(NTC) or 4~20mA single input
Reduce total costs by replacing up to 99 stand alone power meters

Typical Wiring



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